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Breastfeeding Medicine

For those of you beginning your journey, we offer information, encouragement, and motivation to help you begin your journey. We also offer our medical and clinical expertise and experience anytime you run into an unexpected challenge.

Office consults:

Please prepare to spend about an hour with Dr. Kurz for your initial consultation.  Breastfeeding is a 2 person process involving both mom and baby.  We take much time in understanding the specific situation and examine and observe both of you.  We will work diligently to evaluate, support, and resolve the obstacles you may be facing.

Phone consults:

Office consults are the best way for us to really see what is causing breastfeeding difficulty.  There are some cases that can be solved over the phone or internet, especially if you would have to travel a great distance.

Home/hospital visits:

Home or hospital visits are offered in special cases within a limited radius.  

Medical Consultation

Integrative holistic pediatric medical consults using gentle alternative medicine approaches.  Often useful for chronic illnesses, anxiety, autism, and ADHD.

Office consults:

Initial consults take at least an hour.  Please be prepared to include all pertinent medical history including birth, social, physical, and mental development, and growth history.

Please bring any relevant medical records or labs with you to the appointment.

Phone consults:

Available upon request.

Nutrition Counseling

Good nutrition may seem sensicle, but it is often very hard to implement.  Toddler feeding as well as at any age can often make us crazy.  We now offer parents as well as adolescents opportunities to not only learn what good nutrition really means, but also creating better meals and snacks at home and on the go.

Office consults:

Please prepare to spend at least an hour with Dr. Kurz reviewing your child's current diet as well as suggestions she may have.  In order to fully implement these changes, follow-up appointments are often needed as well.

Prenatal classes


For those of you who are new parents, or even repeat parents, we are here to help educate you before you begin your journey.  By having the right tools ahead of time, you can prepare yourself for what lies ahead.

Parenting basics


Parenting comes easy to some and not so easy to others.  Whichever category you may fall into, we can help you with those difficult times such as sleep training, tantrums, and toddler eating patterns.


Please cancel at least 24 hours prior to your appointment.  Failure to do so may result in a fee.